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Creating the Bassline

Once the drums are done, it’s time for a bassline. It is known that dubstep music is based mainly on a fat bassline and heavy drums.

In my tracks, I try to make the bassline as powerful as I can and variate it as much as possible. To make such a bass we will need many different instruments.

Part of "Dubstep step by step" video course: step 3 "Creating the Bassline"

Dont forget to switch on the subtitles!!!

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How to set up a music Twitter profile (video lesson)

As you may have seen, we've got a Music Marketing course section at XSSR Academy – for years it's been handled by Andrew Apanov, our music biz specialist. This year Andrew, who also runs his own marketing agency Dotted Music, has launched a dedicated platform for online marketing education for producers and DJs – We Spin. XSSR Academy has partnered with We Spin for all your promotional needs.

Today we release one of the numerous video lessons available on We Spin on the XSSR Academy's YouTube channel. Called "How to set up a music Twitter profile," this exclusive to XSSR video covers how to set up and optimise your Twitter profile so you get more followers, listeners and fans.

Here are several tips to keep in mind:

  1. Keep information on your Twitter profile up-to-date. When there is a new campaign (event, new record, music video etc.) – update your bio and Twitter header with an appropriate CTA and graphics.
  2. For the Profile Photo, use your photo (head shot) where possible. A logo is a solid alternative.
  3. You can create beautiful Twitter headers quickly and for free with https://www.canva.com/
  4. You can find the current Twitter (and other social networks) graphics specifications at http://sproutsocial.com/insights/soci...
  5. A We Spin formula for a great Twitter bio: Short Pitch (description of who you are in few words) + CTA (a call to action with a link) + Humor.
  6. Pin the most important content on your Twitter profile (consider pinning a rich media tweet, e.g. attaching a photo, or a YouTube or Soundcloud URL).
  7. Look at what bigger artists do on their Twitter profiles, but remember that their current goals are most probably different from yours.

Got questions? Ask in the comments!

Remember, you can sign up to We Spin 6 Month Subscription using the XSSRFTW coupon code for a lifetime 20% discount at http://dttd.in/wsxssr.

Step 6: Sub-bass

Dont forget to switch on the subtitles!!!

This video course "Dubstep step by step" explains how to create Dubstep music. In 90 minutes you will learn how to create all the elements of the track, from the search for ideas, to mastering. Each element of the composition is explained in an easy way; therefore this video course is suitable for beginners as well as professional musicians. Along with the course you will also get all the samples, midi clips and presets, which will create the exact same track as demonstrated, or you can use the shown techniques in your own tracks.

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Sound Design - new online course

We are proud to present our new online course!


"Sound Design” is a unique course intended for musicians who want to learn how to create their own individual sound. If you want to make masterpieces you can’t just use presets. To reach the next level of production it is essential that you are able to make your own personal sound, exactly how you create it in your own mind.




In the course you will learn:
  • Main types of synthesis and sampling on the most popular plug-ins
  • How to create the main groups of instruments : bass, Lead, pads, percussion, atmospheres and fxs
  • How to create the sound of live instruments : guitars, strings, wind
  • How to make any sound in your mind
  • How to create unique sound textures
  • How to use layering of sounds and instruments to achieve the desired result

And most importantly, I'll teach you how to transfer audio from your mind to the computer

Course duration: 2 months
Number of lessons: 16
Duration of training: 1 hour
Cost: €150 ($200) per month

PLAYMA Life: Episode 3 "iPad bass"

Check out our 3rd episode of PLAYMA Life. We decided to make these video blogs to show you how we work, what tunes are coming out next, and some exclusive production techniques.

In this episode we are making our new Glitch Hop tune which is gonna be releaseed on Adapted Records. We went through very unique technique making basses. This time we used iPad's Animoog to make sick neurofunk type bass.


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